About Us

Our company started as a hashtag used by our founder to motivate himself while playing basketball in Romania. Today that same hashtag, #TrenchLife, fuels Neville Gallimore while he makes his mark in the NFL. We believe that hard work produces earned value. If you want to see improvement and growth, you have to log the hours, and you have to earn beyond what you are given. Everyday you must prove and improve yourself because you are measured by your results. Your outcome hinges on your performance. TrenchLife apparel equips you with confidence and drive to reach your peak in life and sustain it. We know your pain. We respect your pride. We celebrate your hustle. At TrenchLife, we believe in dreaming but we also believe in doing.


Our Vision

We know that everyone has a day one and despite how that day turns out we will work towards day two. Day one wasn't our last day and it won't be yours either. What happens next depends on what you do now.


Our Mission

To inspire you through the toughest times and to celebrate with you when you win.